~*~ 21st Annual United States of Asian America Festival: Regenerative Community ~*~
Presented by the API Cultural Center- San Francisco, SF LGBT Center, and the Queer Cultural Center:
Appendix Collective brings </3.
</3 embodies the unspoken heartache in relationships with family, home, lovers, work, neighborhoods and ancestral colonial trauma. The exhibition provides a space specific to the experiences of API womxn and GNC, queer and allied artists who pull from their experiences of resistance and healing to address, navigate and interrogate heteropatriarchal and homonormative forms of love, care and representation.
May 10 @ 6:30-8:30pm
Features local QTPOC DJs, light refreshments, and live readings and happenings.
May 1 – May 31, 2018
Erina C Alejo Karen Chin Mariela G. Montero Marlene Iyemura Shelley Kuang Diana Li Lisa Pradhan Dorothy Lee Mallika Roy and more.
Appendix is a growing collective of multi-ethnic API womxn and GNC, queer and allied artists whose practices in the Bay Area work to reclaim personal, intimate and diasporic narratives of intergenerational memory, healing, and trauma. Formed in 2016, through an eponymous exhibition at the Pacific Heritage Museum, Appendix artists draw from a wide variety of 2d, 3d, experimental, and digital media and conceptual frameworks, such as Asian Futurism, Fluxus, and autoethnographic modalities. Folx in the collective blend together art, education, and organizing, with the goal of creating cultural change through tender moments of healing. In community, Appendix members work with Kearny Street Workshop organizing APAture, show and learn from the Asian American Women Artists Association, produce community art with the Asian Art Museum, and organize SoMapagmahal an Alternative Exposure-funded youth photography mxntorship program at Galing Bata.
IG @appendixcollective
Asian American Women Artists Association
API Wellness Center
BFF.fm- Best Frequencies Forever
Kearny Street Workshop
Project Voice
San Francisco Arts Commission
SF Grants for the Arts
<\3 (aka text emoticon of heartbreak) in blue, aqua, and magenta with glitch aesthetic on white background. Text overlay within graphic in blue and magenta: opening reception, may 10 @ 6:30pm, sf lgbt center.
#USAAF2018 #RegenerativeCommunity

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