Chhori: Mummy Yo Mhyah – Holding on for Dear Life

This photo was taken at a performance of Chhori at Dear Mother at San Pablo Gallery in March 2018. Actors seen are Diana Li (left), and Erina Alejo (right).

Chhori: Mummy Yo Mhyah – Holding on for Dear Life, 2018

When my mother moved to America she brought two suitcases filled with shoes, clothes, sarees, and jewelry. Objects not included: How to Raise an American Daughter. Chhori: Mummy Yo Mhyah – Holding on for Dear Life is a process zine modeled after the language and conception typified in Yoko Ono’s conceptual art book Grapefruit. By replicating the Fluxus attitude and language of scores and instructions, Chhori, explores the magical realism of hyphen American mother-daughter relationships with humor. It asks — in the disorientation of diaspora, what do we pass down to our children? By stripping the complicated, transnational identity construction of diaspora to the lowest common denominator of most basic interactions, Chhori documents how the liminal world of gestures replicates larger contemporary Nepalese matrilineal of care and renegotiations of hegemonic cultural scripts.

This zine explores themes of Queerness, Sexuality, Arranged Marriage, Formation of Community, Destruction of Community, Abstinence, Dating, Womanhood, Hospitality, Respectability politics, Consumerism, Guilt and nonverbal communication. Additionally, this zine serves as a manual, documenting what’s already been lived through while describing the potential for time travel, space travel, and the exploration of the perhaps, leaving room for something wild to occur.


2018          Dear Mother, San Pablo Gallery, San Pablo, CA


2018          Dear Mother, San Pablo Gallery, San Pablo, CA


Dear Mother

Dear Mother

Conversations between Mothers, Daughters, Grandmothers, and Aunties

Dear Mother explores conversations between mothers, daughters, grandmothers, and aunties. With a strong political and generational backdrop, these legends are passed down through time, guided by strong womxn to create and empower strong womxn. Through film, literature, and visuals, these artists illustrate the pain in beauty and the beauty in pain. As such, we expand our vision of transnational hope, strength, and ambition.

This exhibition runs from March 10, 2018 to April 15, 2018.

Location: San Pablo Art Gallery, 13831 San Pablo Ave., Maple Hall, Bldg 4, San Pablo, CA 94806

Gallery Hours: Saturday and Sundays, 12-4PM

Artists: Aishwarya, Vardhana, Denali Gillaspie, Diana Li, EK, Elizabeth Tannie Lewin, Erina C. Alejo, Evelyn Obamos, Grace Jahng Lee, Ji Jung Lim, Jimizee, Karen Chew, Karen Nagano, Lena Shey, Lisa Pradhan, Melinda Luisa de Jesús, Narinda Heng, Natasha Singh, Priscilla Otani, Rachel Marchelo, Romina Saha, Sena Kwon, Sharryn Park, Tina Kashiwagi, Taiwanese Noodles, and Yoojin Seol.

Curated by: Katie Quan and Midori Kimata