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Magic 8 Ball

“Magic 8 Ball” invites the viewer to reimagine trust in consensual physical touch in a soft, silly way. The piece is rather simple, the performer (in this case me) will sit in a chair holding a magic 8 ball and face the audience or viewer. In front of the performer is a bowl filled with a wide array of silly questions, such as “Can I tap your knuckle? Will you read me a poem? Can I tell you a secret?” Without knowing what’s in the bowl the viewer will pick a question at random, and if they decide they consent to the activity, they ask the performer. Then the performer shakes the 8 ball to decide the answer.

“Often one of the hardest intimacies for me is just being comfortable with the most seemingly random gestures and experiences of connection. After practicing somatic coaching and feeling more confident in identifying and naming my wants and desires, I began asking my friends for longer hugs. I found that often my friends, especially those who are also Asian womxn, longed for platonic, physical touch and intimacy just like me but were unsure of how and what to ask. I want to use ‘Magic 8 Ball’ to help folx imagine new possibilities for themselves in fun ways.”

Lisa Pradhan


5/30 6 PM San Francisco, CA SF LGBT Center </3 Closing Reception
6/3 2 PM Oakland, CA Wolfman Books Signs Point to Yes
6/18 9 AM Detroit, MI The Alley Project Without a Doubt
6/18 7 PM Pittsburgh, PA Phosphor Project Space Magic 8 Ball: A Performance by Lisa Pradhan
6/19 8 PM Pittsburgh, PA Trampire State Building Decidedly So