</3 Code

Appendix Collective
</3 Code, 2018
Inkjet ink

</3 Code is a collaborative piece made using Quick Response (QR) Code arranged eponymously. QR codes are a type of two-dimensional barcode. </3 Code creates a collective archive of links of digital media addressing API heartbreak. Contributors chose to approach this as broadly as linking to profiles of artistic influences, their own art pieces, forgotten hxstories, poems about ancestral longing, and digital moments of levity. As contributor, Priti Sherchan said, “…being able to create and be heard as an API is itself a challenge…I did not try to pressure myself into – ‘Oh it just has to be related to my pain, it has to be related to my culture, but rather just the fact that I create is important here for me.’” If you have an iPhone with 11 OS installed, just open your camera app, point to a QR code, and scan away! (For all the rest of us, download a QR App from your nearest app store.)

Contributors: Diana Li, Vida Kuang, Marlene Iyemura, Lisa Pradhan, Karen Chin, Shelley Kuang, Jes Tom, Nicole Martin, Anum Awan, Lisa Sy, Sasha Vu, Jessica Nguyen, Priti Sherchan, Erina Alejo, Mariela Montero, Sandy Maldonado, Coco Spenser, Rosemary Gardner, Tina Kashiwagi, Anne Wong, Hanna Chen, and Ari Peck.

This piece was conceptualized by Lisa Pradhan, designed by Shelley Kuang, and assembled by Shelley Kuang, Lisa Pradhan, Karen Chin, and Erik Swedberg.


2018          </3 , SF LGBT Center, San Francisco, CA