Friends with Benefits

“Friends with Benefits” Exhibition by Bethanie Irons
In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of PhD, Art Education.
Dates: August 20 – 24, 2018
Reception: Friday, August 24, 4:30-6:30pm

Exhibition Statement:
“Friends with Benefits” is an exhibition by University of Missouri student Bethanie Irons, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of PhD, Art Education. This exhibition focuses on the marriage between materiality and technology and examines how artists, teachers, and researchers can embrace the potentials of engagement with online art communities. Through this collaboration, thematic lines of inquiry and collections are shared, re-orienting the thought process of the viewer and establishing them as both a participant and maker of content and cooperative experiences.
Bethanie Irons is an artist, educator, and curator. She earned her BFA in painting from the University of South Dakota and her MFA in painting from the University of Missouri. She is currently a PhD student in Art Education at the University of Missouri, with an emphasis in college teaching and teaching with technology. Bethanie has shown her work internationally, including exhibitions in Germany, United Kingdom, and Australia and has been featured in numerous print publications including New American Paintings and Friend of the Artist. Since 2015, she has curated the online-only gallery PLEAT.
Participating Artists:
Fukuko Harris | New York, NY
Raul Gonzalez | San Antonio, TX
Helen Ip | Berkeley, CA
Justin Plakas | Hyattsville, MD
Olivia Williams | Philadelphia, PA
Philip Koscak | Los Angeles, CA
Lori Larusso | Louisville + Lexington, KY
Lisa Denyer | Berlin, Germany
Douglas Degges | Chicago, IL
Sarah Phyllis Smith | Chicago, IL
Pat Tapp | Columbia, MO
Kelsey Hammond | Columbia, MO
Mishel An Valenton | Virginia
Anthony Falcetta | Beverly, MA
Andrea DeJong | Seoul, South Korea
Emma Roberts | Philadelphia, PA
Andrew Indelicato | Richmond, VA
Antoni Hidalgo | Barcelona, Spain
Arlo Tobin | Los Angeles, CA
Ashley Loxton | London, United Kingdom
Christopher Gherman | Delaware, OH
Coco Spencer | California
Dave Pettengill | Philadelphia, PA
Gold Shoulder | Atlanta, GA
Julie Alpert | Seattle, WA
Kate Garman | Philadelphia, PA
Kelsey Westphal | Oakland, CA
Kristin Hough | Los Angeles, CA
Lisa Pradhan | San Diego, CA
Michelle Han | Los Angeles, CA
Russ Rubin | Haworth, NJ
Jeffrey Cortland Jones | Springboro, OH
Catrin Llwyd | Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
Epiphany Knedler | Greenville, NC
Catrine Bak | Luzern, Switzerland
Jessica Poundstone | Portland, OR
Mike Anthony | Columbia, MO
Philip Gresham | Columbia, MO
Chelsea Flowers | Detroit, MI
Jeffrey Jay Jarin | Manila, Philippines
Nick Mullaly | Melbourne, Australia
Derrick Quevedo | Baltimore, MD Marianne Laury | St. Louis, MO
Riley Fields | Fountain Valley, CA Marci Smith | Sioux Falls, SD
Jane Jun | Seoul, South Korea
Devon DeVaughn | Lee’s Summit, MO
The Line Drawing Project | Miami, FL
Joana Fischer | Miami, FL
Travis Grant | Philadelphia, PA
Ellen O’Shea | St. Louis, MO
Benjamin Cook | Cincinnati, OH
Luke Jordan | Lawrence, KS
David Riley | Oxfordshire, England
Angela Shaffer | Columbia, MO
Ian Healy | Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Garry Noland | Los Angeles, CA
Derek Meier | St. Paul, MN
Jeff Gibson | New York, NY
Kenneth Stanley | Kansas City, MO
Alex Sapaugh | Columbia, MO
Brian DePauli | St. Louis, MO
Kate Mortensen | Seattle, WA
Kaylan Ballard | Kansas City, MO
Matt Rahner | Marshall, MO
Michael Villarreal | Lincoln, NE
Ron Thompson | Kansas City, MO
Susan Carr | Cape Cod, MA
Tony Irons | Columbia, MO
Aron Fischer | Chicago, IL
Mel Jane Wilson | Victoria, Australia
Tom Martinelli | Santa Fe, NM
Gracelee Lawrence | Austin, TX
Ken Wood | St. Louis, MO
Traci Wilson-Kleekamp | Columbia, MO
Marie Tomanova | New York, NY
All photos by Tony Irons @i_r_o_n_s_i_n_t_l