Lisa Pradhan

Lisa’s facilitation experience spans 8 years in person, hybrid and virtual settings. She’s facilitated and designed a vast number of retreats, trainings, convenings, and community gatherings for nonprofits, individuals, organizational leaders and identity based community groups. Her specialty is in organizational strategic planning, helping non-profit leaders define their long term vision and to understand the intermediary steps it will take to get there. 

Lisa designed and facilitated multi-day retreats for teams ranging in size from 3 to 55+ participants, trainings for individuals and groups of 50+ people, conferences with 75+ attendees and virtual programming for 400+ viewers. 

As a facilitator, Lisa likes to create space for possibility, connection and communication – drawing on her skillset as an artist and curator – while directly identifying how we can work together for change – pulling from her project management aptitude. 

Lisa’s participated in programs like the STOKE Collective‘s Facilitation for Changemakers series, Interaction Institute for Social Change’s Facilitative Leadership for Social Change trainings and Strozzi Institute’s Somatics, Trauma and Resilience series, is a SEEDS certified Mediator, and was a 2018-2019 Emerging Arts Professionals fellow. Lisa studied Psychology and Buddhist Studies at Smith College in addition to receiving a Five College Certificate in Buddhist Studies. 


Executive leadership development | Strategic Planning |Theory of change | OKR framework| Project management | RAPID model | Facilitation | Event Planning 


Zoom | Miro | Teams | BlueJeans | Google Meet | Skype | Mural

If you like to reach out to Lisa for consultation, drop a line.